Orbit Tiki Taka Induction 2000W Cooker With LED Display & Auto Timer


  • Easy To Clean.
  • Heat & TimeControl.
  • Ecological & Environment Friendly. Save Money,
  • Cook in Less Time.
  • SafeTechnology Reduce Fire Risks.
  • Advanced Precise Temperature Control.
  • Elegant Design: The Control Panel is united with the top plate. With electricity consumption indicator and with push control system.
  • 10 Hours
  • timer.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Small appliance detection.
  • Non-pot and unsuitable pot detection.
  • High and low voltage protection.
  • Automatically shut down if no key-press in two hours.

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ORBIT INDUCTION COOKER is one of the new environment-friendly kitchenware,    developed by our company upon Europe, American and Japanese advanced technology. The main parts such as IGBT, power tube, CPU and IC etc. are imported from SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, MOTOROLA, KOREAN, which are advanced in craft and function.

ORBIT INDUCTION COOKER is of national standard, suitable for all kinds of cooking in a short time, heating efficiency can get up to 94.36% from startup to boil, with the peculiar micro-computerized safety-inspection system, it is super safe and reliable, it avoids traditional cooking safety problem, therefore is liked by many consumers.

ORBIT INDUCTION COOKER will bring you safer and health to your family, more cleanness to your kitchen. ORBIT INDUCTION COOKER is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction technology. Current generates a variable magnetic field after running through the wire coil. Eddy current is generated at the bottom when the magnetic field induces the iron pot on the cooker ceramic plate. A large amount of thermal energy produced can heat the bottom quickly, thus heating up the food very fast with thermal efficiency up to 94.36%.

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