Who we are?

Orbit Electrodomestic India Pvt Ltd started business in Mumbai in 2000. Initially just trading in household and electronic products, we have quickly grown into a brand known by millions of consumers around the world.

We are an

innovative, creative company and base all of our products on what we think our customers really want. We understand what our consumers want and need in their daily lives, and then provide quality, affordable solutions.

This is reflected in our corporate motto : Living life with you everyday!!

We have introduced over 60 different products per year under the Orbit brand name, and continue to grow quickly – both in terms of volume and product range. We have grown aggressively and quickly since 2000, but still know that no matter how big we get, customers will always appreciate a personal touch.

We try to provide a One-Stop-Solution service to our business partners, taking care of every aspect of your order with the minimum of fuss. Whether you are buying from our existing product range or we are developing a whole new product for you, we will make the whole process as simple and trouble free for you as possible.

What we do?

With a wide range of production facilities, Orbit factories can OEM / ODM almost any household appliance & entertainment electronics product our customers intend to develop. As such we welcome innovation and collaboration in product development.

Our customer service

We at Orbit truly appreciate that customer service begins at the first point of contact with our team, and continues right through to a comprehensive after-sales support programme. We know that the best way of ensuring repeat business is to keep our customers happy, whether you are a consumer that has bought just one toaster, or a big brand name company that has ordered ten thousand DVD players.

We say that at Orbit everything revolves around customer care let us show you!

Transportation and timely delivery

We realize that delivery schedules are important and that the best projects can be let down by logistical delays. We can organize the shipping and delivery of your orders for you. We have experienced freight partners that give us access to an established world-wide freight network. We are also experienced in handling customs import and export procedures world-wide.

You will not need to worry about lengthy customs delays, paperwork, or booking the right amount freight space let us do it for you.

Our quality guarantee

Quality control is a central part of our entire production process. All our products undergo rigorous testing and are designed to be top quality, long lasting appliances. We offer comprehensive warranty and repair policies, so that in the unlikely event that our products malfunction you can repair or return them easily.

Get in touch today

If you think you could become a distributor for Orbit products, or want our help to develop your own brand products just email us at info@indiaorbit.in. Our team would be very pleased to extend their fullest co-operation in developing business with you in your market areas.

Our Corporate Clients