Chef Pro CPK 810 1-Litre Electric Kettle (White)

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Introducing the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle, a sleek and efficient kitchen appliance designed to bring convenience and style to your daily routine. With its 1-liter capacity, 230 Volts AC, 50 Hz, and powerful 900-watt heating element, this electric kettle quickly boils water for various purposes, from making hot beverages to preparing instant meals.

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Safety and convenience are at the forefront with the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle. The automatic shut-off feature ensures that the kettle turns off automatically once the water reaches its boiling point, providing peace of mind and preventing accidents or overheating. The water level window allows you to easily monitor the water level inside the kettle, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring you have the right amount for your needs. Additionally, the one-touch easy-to-open and close lid simplifies the process of filling and cleaning the kettle. Cleaning the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle is a breeze, thanks to the concealed coil design. The coil is hidden inside the kettle, reducing the accumulation of mineral deposits and making it easier to maintain the kettle’s cleanliness and performance. With its power-on indicator, the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle glows when in use, providing a visual cue that the kettle is heating up. This feature adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen and enhances the overall user experience. The swivel power base allows for easy placement and movement of the kettle, providing flexibility in your kitchen setup. The cord can be neatly wrapped and stored underneath the base, minimizing countertop clutter. Experience the convenience and functionality of the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle. Whether you need a quick cup of tea, a bowl of instant soup, or hot water for cooking, this electric kettle offers efficient boiling, safety features, and stylish design in one package. Simplify your daily routine with the Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle and enjoy hot beverages and meals at your finger.

  • Orbit Chef Pro Electric Kettle , 1 Litre, 230 Volts AC, 50 hz, 900 watts
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Water level window
  • One touch easy to open & close lid
  • Concealed coil for easy cleaning
  • Glows when the power is on
  • Swivel power base

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