Orbit Premium Eco-Friendly Mini Air Cooler – Energy Saver with Auto Swing & 4-Way Cooling – 12L Water Tank Capacity, Portable, Works on Inverter, Powerful Air Flow (Grey Color)

Original price was: ₹7,999.Current price is: ₹3,899.

Upgrade your cooling experience with our premium Eco-Friendly Air Cooler, designed to keep you comfortable while minimizing energy consumption. With its innovative features, including Auto Vertical Swing and 4-Way Air Cooling, this cooler ensures even distribution of cool air throughout your space. Equipped with a Water Level Indicator and a High-Speed Heavy-Duty Motor, this cooler delivers powerful airflow while keeping you informed of its water status. The specially designed grill maximizes air throw for superior cooling performance, while the durable hard plastic body ensures long-lasting use. Featuring a large pad area and Cool Flow Dispenser Channelized Water Distribution, our cooler provides superior cooling efficiency. Additionally, the Three-Side Honeycomb cooling pads work seamlessly with the powerful motor to deliver refreshing air quietly. Perfect for home or office use, our air cooler operates on inverter power and comes with a generous 12-liter water tank capacity, ensuring uninterrupted cooling even during power outages. For optimal performance, remember to keep doors and windows open for cross ventilation. Experience the ultimate in cooling comfort with our Premium Eco-Friendly Air Cooler. Add it to your cart now and enjoy a cool and refreshing environment all year round!

  • Eco-Friendly Energy Saver
  • Auto Vertical Swing
  • 4-Way Air Cooling
  • Water Level Indicator
  • High-Speed Heavy-Duty Motor
  • Three Side Honeycomb
  • Works on Inverter
  • Powerful Airflow

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