Orbit Electric Mini Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer Portable Single Tub Washer, 3 kg Single-Tub, For Baby Clothes and Small Items

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This washing machine with a single tub and a spinner can wash clothes gently and regularly. It also spins clothing efficiently and affordably. This handy washing machine is semi-automatic, with a 3 kg weighing capacity and a 1 kg spinning capacity.

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  • This product doesn’t need to be installed or demonstrated; it is ready to use right away. The user manual included with the product describes every feature.
  • 3 kilogram of capacity Dryer Capacity: 1 kg; Dryer Can Reach 30–40%
    The 190 W wash and spin power and the 30–40% drying capacity of the dryer can help you keep the baby’s clothes hygienic. This will also save time because the machine can wash the cloths in about 15 minutes and spin them in 5–6 minutes.
  • With its charming appearance, compact size, and portability, this device can be the ideal addition to your child’s bathroom or bedroom.
  • clothing for a newborn infant cleaned separately
  • Ideal for hairdressers and fitness centers.
  • It is also inverter-operable.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Perfect for hospitals, hotels, and resorts
  • Conserve time, energy, and water.

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