Kingshan Rechargeable Table fan with USB Cable and LED Light


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1.Please recharge the unit before first use.
2. Red LED : Charging Indicator
3. Green LED : Working Indicator
4. Size : 500mm
5. Rated Voltage : 220-240 Volt
6. Input watt : 24 watt
7. Rated Speed : 1450 Rpm
8. Frequency : 50/60Hz
9. Insulation : II
10. Power Factor : 0.50
11. Air Delivery : 18m3/min
12. Service Valur : 1.5m3/min/watt
13. Type of motor : DC
14. Motor Capacity : 12VA
15. Number of Blades : 03

Product Parameters


Speed Control Gears

DC Input

LED output

Charging time

Battery Capacity

Duration time


3 gears optional






Product Features
1. Built-in 1pcs free maintenance & environment lead-acid battery, with capacity to 7000mAH, it can be used circularly 500 times above;
2. Adopting high quality switch power supply, with wide input voltage AC220-240V, built-in automatic protection circuit, constant voltage output for power & charging.
3. Product can adjust high, medium & low speed, free to choose comfortable wind, after full charge, the high speed can work 5H, medium 7H, low 9H.
4. Equipped with LED night lamp function, 8pcs white color LED can be as emergency light when power off, DC gear lighting can work 50H above, no matter the gear is in AC, OFF, DC, LED light can work by using LED switch.
5. Attached with USB output charge function, its inner circuit has discharge, over-current & short circuit protection function, with good compatibility & high output efficiency characteristics, the lamp can meet all kinds of digital products to charge & discharge like different brands of cellphones (Apple, Nokia, Moto, LG, Sony, Ericsson,) or ipad, MP3, PDA, MP4, MP5, GPS, digital camera & game console, its can sent according to different brands, model & operation mode.
6. Product has mechanical oscillation brands, model & operation mode.
7. Product can choose AC or DC power supply.
8. Equipped with DC input port for external power adaptor for charging, this port also connect solar panel charging.  


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